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The Indian 78s

Where available, you may click on the hyperlink to see an image of the label


A large amount of the information on this site came from record collector G.McLagan who occasionaly has Beatles 78s for sale. If you wish to contact him, his e-mail address is:

Some discography info courtesy Frank Daniels, who is authoring an International Beatles Price Guide. If you wish to contact him, his e-mail address is: Frank currently has detailed all the label variations at his site. Pay it a visit on

Alternately you can email the site's editor, T. Pavick, on

Big thanks to Graeme and Frank for their assistance!

Introductory notes:

Per Graeme McLagan, it would appear that all Indian Beatles 78s appeared on the red Parlophone label. 45s, on the other hand appeared on a black label. It is not believed that any Indian 78s appeared on a black label. Even late 78s such as Michelle appeared on the red label, past the date that the 45s switched to a black label.

Some issues are unconfirmed and may be doubtful. These are shown in italics.

There are three label variations. Earlier, 1963 era releases have the simpler text "This copyright record must not be publicly performed with licence." at the top and "THE PARLOPHONE CO.,LTD." at the bottom. Later 1964 releases say "*Made in India by The Gramophone Co., Ltd. (Incorporated in England with Limited Liability) Regd. User*" around the top rim and "This copyright record must not be publicly performed with licence." around the bottom.

The earlier releases also simply note the Parlophone name and logo as "TRADE MARK" and have the notation "Made in India" in the body of he label. Later releases refer to the logo and name as "Reg'd Td. Mk. of The Palophone Co., Ltd.".

Finally, 1965 releases simplified the top of the rim text to say "Made in India by The Gramophone Co. of India (Private) Ltd. Permitted User"

LabelCatalog NumberTitleTitle
ParlophoneR 4949Love Me Do PS I Love You
ParlophoneR 4983Please Please Me Ask Me Why
ParlophoneDPE 159I Saw Her Standing There Hold Me Tight
Parlophone DPE 164 Long Tall Sally I Call Your Name
ParlophoneR 5015From Me to You Thank You Girl
ParlophoneR 5055She Loves You I'll Get You
ParlophoneR 5084 I Want to Hold Your Hand This Boy
ParlophoneR 5114Can't Buy Me Love You Can't Do That
ParlophoneR 5160A Hard Day's Night Thing We Said Today
ParlophoneDPE 167If I Fell And I Love Her
ParlophoneDPE 168I'm Happy Just to Dance With You I Should Have Known Better
ParlophoneR 5200I Feel Fine She's a Woman
ParlophoneDPE 172Tell Me Why I'll Cry Instead
ParlophoneDPE 178I'm A Loser Eight Days a Week
ParlophoneDPE 179Rock and Roll Music No Reply
Parlophone DPE 180 I'll Follow the Sun Words of Love
ParlophoneR 5265Ticket To Ride Yes It Is
Parlophone R 5305 Help! I'm Down
ParlophoneDPE 183Dizzy Miss Lizzy The Night Before
ParlophoneDPE 184Yesterday Act Naturally
ParlophoneDPE 185You Like Me Too Much Tell Me What You See
ParlophoneDPE 186Norwegian wood Drive My Car
ParlophoneR 5389We Can Work it Out Day Tripper
Parlophone DPE 187 Michelle You Won't See Me
ParlophoneDPE 188Girl -unknown-
ParlophoneR 5452Paperback Writer Rain
ParlophoneDPE 189Here There and Everywhere Good Day Sunshine
ParlophoneDPE 190Hey Jude Revolution
ParlophoneDPE 192Ob-la-di Ob-la-da -unknown-
Release of these last 6 (italicised) entries on 78 is suspect and not documented at this time.